Brush Cutter VG-328


  • Engine : 2 cycle, single cylinder, Forced air-cooled, Gasoline Engine
  • Mating Engine : 1E36FB
  • Discharging Capacity : 30.5cc
  • Max Power : 0.81kw/6000rpm
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 1.2L
  • Type Of Carburator : Float
  • Fuel : Mixed fuel of Gasoline and 2 cycle oil at 25:1
  • Easy Start : O
  • N.W./G.W. : 6.6/7.4 kgs
  • Dimension ( LxWxH ) : 345*280*401



1. Ergonomic Braces
Wide, soft straps with adjustable lenght. Distributes the weight of backpack brush cutters over user’s back and shoulder. Specially
designed cushion and vibratory-absorption system brings comfortable operation.
2. Realiable Engine
Stable output, impressive power, optimized design. That’s where our backpack brush cutters excellent performance comes from.
3. Anti-Vibraton System
Rubber structure greatly reduces the engine vibration for comfortable operation and accurate, smooth mowing motion.
4. Easy-Detechable Coupling
Ensures quick, tool-free dismounting and assembling. Convenient for storage and shipment.
5. Alloy Blade
Sharp, tough and durable. Competent at thinning and removing tangled grass, scrub and thorny bushes.